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Beggars of Life - On the Bedside Table

A couple of weekends back I was at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival and I allowed myself to purchase only a couple of items.  This is usually a very hard thing to do, restricting myself, there are so many tempting items to choose from.  I purchased some cool silent film movie poster fridge magnets (Valentino, naturally) from the Niles Film Museum table and secondly, Thomas Gladysz' new companion book to my favorite of Louise Brooks films, Beggars of Life.  I have to confess, I also love Richard Arlen in this film, even though they did not really get along. 
My review is a bit overdue, I cannot help but give this an enthusiastic two thumbs up.  It really is the perfect companion, before or after you have seen the film.  The volume might be slim, but, it is packed with information and rare photographs.  It has been impeccably researched and beautifully executed.  The forward is by William Wellman, Jr., which is pretty amazing all by itself.  
There is a chapter on Jim Tully,…

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