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Sophia Loren Movie Star Italian Style - Book Giveaway - On the Bedside Table

The fall of 2017 has been a beautiful one with the releases of several books from Running Press, not the least of which is this gorgeous book devoted to Sophia Loren.  Cindy de la Hoz has taken us on an exciting journey exploring the life and career of this legend of cinema.
The first part of the book is a short biography of Loren and the second is a film-by-film chronology.  Cindy de la Hoz's text that accompanies is not sparse, it is direct and has an elegance that is just as beautiful to read as it is to look at the myriad of photographs of her subject. 
This brings you to the meat and potatoes (or in this case, pasta and meatballs, sorry I had to) of the book, the photographs.  THE PHOTOGAPHS!  This book is beautifully designed and the layout is pleasing.  How can it not be with page after page, after page of the stunning Sophia Loren?  This book is a beautiful tribute to a legendary icon of both Italian Cinema and Hollywood. 
Part of me really hates to give this book away!…

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